The Life-Sized City Blog: David Miller and other Climate Conference Stuff

Photo: Ty Stange/Copenhagen X

Danish Broadcasting interviewed Toronto's mayor David Miller during the Climate Conference and broadcast it last night. The David Miller who cycled around Copenhagen recently on The Copenhagen Wheel. Here's the link:

Deadline - Interview with David Miller on Low Carbon Cities. You'll have to hop forward to 14:40 on the timeline for the start of the interview.

Thierry Geoffry is French and he lives in Copenhagen. He is known to us Copenhageners at 'Colonel'. He's mad, completely mad, but quite brilliant. He made this film about Denmark - Centre of the Universe during the climate conference. Filming himself on his bike at first and talking about cities. He blogs regularly on Copenhagen X website, the sustainable city portal.

And then there's Eugene Mirman, comedian and correspondant for I had to google Grist and on the search page their description reads: " ...the most recognizable voice in environmental journalism." Which makes we wonder why I've never heard of them. Anyway:

Take it or leave it. I found it amusing in a Michael Moorey kind of way, but that approach is getting passé. But hey.

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