The Life-Sized City Blog: Hungary Amends Highway Code

I recieved this little bit of news from my friends at the Danish Embassy in Budapest. Hungary has apparently ammended its highway code.But I’m confused and I’m hoping some of our Hungarian readers could enlighten me.
Cabinet amends traffic laws for cyclistsThe cabinet yesterday approved amendments to Hungary’s highway code, effective January 1.

- A document in the possession of MTI says the changes are primarily aimed at improving the safety of pedestrians and cyclists.

- Bike riders will be allowed to cycle in either direction down one-way streets, and to ignore red lights. Cyclists will also be able to take a free right turn and ride in the middle of the road.

- Motorcyclists will be authorised to use bus lanes and disregard red lights as of January 1.

That's all I have. I'm quite sure something got lost in translation but cyclists being allowed to 'ignore red lights' sounds interesting. And a 'free right turn', too. Didn't know you had to pay for it previously. And motorcyclists are not allowed to ignore red lights, they have to disregard them.Cycling in either direction down one-streets is, of course, standard stuff if done right.

But jesting aside it is all a bit confusing. Can we clear this up, dear Hungarian readers?

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