The Life-Sized City Blog: Beauty and the Bike Documentary

Yes, yes, yes. Beauty and the Bike is the much anticipated documentary from, among others, the Darlington Cycling Campaign in the UK and it premieres on December 9th, 2009. Above is an 8 minute teaser/trailer.The question leading to the making of the film is a simple one: "Why do British girls stop cycling?"

"By simply asking this basic question, the film reveals the damage that has been done by 50 years of car-centric transport policies. Whilst we fill our lives with debates about risk assessment, cycle helmets, cycle training and marketing strategies to try to persuade people to cycle more, the basic barriers to cycling remain untouched - generous urban planning towards the car, and the resultant poor motorist behaviour towards cyclists. Is it any wonder that most people find cycling unattractive in the UK, but attractive in cycling-friendly towns and cities? It's the infrastructure, stupid!""

The film follows two groups of young women from Darlington and Bremen, Germany. Between them, they discover what makes - and stops - teenage girls from cycling. The full DVD is available from

Brilliant stuff. I'm looking forward to seeing the full version. Thanks to Kim for the link.

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