The Life-Sized City Blog: Two Way Street

I’ve been meaning to snap a photo of this for ages, every time I’m at the airport. It’s one of of the few examples of streetside two-way bicycle lanes in Copenhagen.For the most part the City of Copenhagen realised many years ago that cyclists are like any other homo sapiens. They want to go from A to B quickly. Therefore the network was developed to include the standard of bike lanes on both sides of streets.Out at Copenhagen airport it’s a bit different. The airport is about a 30-40 minute bike ride from the centre of the city and the bike racks are usually rather filled up, most likely with airport employee bicycles, even though you can get to the airport by bus, train and metro. On this stretch, pictured, there are two-way lanes along one side of the street. The numbers of bicycles are lower here, but there is a lot of traffic so lanes are important.In the intersection in the background there is a stretch of classic Copenhagen blue where cars exit and enter the Hilton Hotel parking lot.In addition, you can see how many bus stops work in Copenhagen. If there is a ‘bus island’ separate from the sidewalk, the bicycles are given the right of way. Passengers alighting or disembarking the busses step onto the island and wait for any bicycles to pass. It’s a popular feature throughout the city but illustrated well in this photo.If there is no bus island, then bicycles have to stop for bus passengers.


Sorry for the lack of posts. I've been in Budapest at a conference the past few days, as well as their Critical Mass. More on that later.

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