- Bicycle Culture by Design: So Old School, it's New School

On our little summer holiday recently, to the Danish island of Bornholm, we visited a quaint little amusement park called Joboland. It opened in 1933 on a large farm and while it has been modernised with a waterland and various rides, it is still charming.This has nothing to do with bicycles, apart from the fact that we rode our bicycles there, but I love this old roller coaster. Despite it’s age, it is frightfully modern. Fully sustainable and hippie green. :-)The kids have to push the car up to the top. Workin’ it, musclin’ it. Human powered goodness.

At the top they get in and are rewarded with a ride down. Not a bad thing for kids to learn. Generating your own power for your needs.

With all the modern focus on producing your own energy, like lighting christmas trees with bicycles, charging your mobile phone, generating power for a battery with a bicycle, and all that, this old school roller coaster is hot again.

By coincedence, the island of Bornholm is the pilot location for the 100,000 electric cars planned for Denmark.

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