- Bicycle Culture by Design: Charging Phones With Bicycles

The famous Roskilde Festival ends today after four days of cracking concerts, sunshine and good times. First held in 1971 it’s one of the premiere music festivals in the world. This year featured a good crop of bands but there is so much action that it’s hard to keep track.One enviro-friendly gimmick was charging your mobile telephone with bicycles. The Climate Community ’neighbourhood’ at the festival hooked up bikes to a generator and let festival-goers charge their phones using human-power.It took about 7 minutes of cycling to charge a phone. Interestingly, it would take about an hour and a half of cycling to generate enough energy to boil water for a cup of coffee. A 15 minute shower and you’ll be cycling for 50 hours.One of the great traditions at the Roskilde Festival is entirely sustainable. The Nude Race is one of the most popular activities and the winner gets interviewed all over the press.

This being Denmark, nudity is not considered odd or strange so the photos of the race are shown in newspapers and on the national news. The above photo is from a newspaper and you can see the whole slide show on their website.

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