The Life-Sized City Blog: Sticking to the Science

A sticker in favour of science, rational thought and common sense. These stickers for my website are available on our little online shop and I can see that a number of them have been sold. It was quite lovely to discover one of them on a light post next to a bike lane here in Copenhagen. Somebody apparently feels the need to rebel against this current spate of bike helmet rhetoric/propaganda here in Denmark. I’ll buy them a beer if we ever happen to meet. If you’re in the market for Danish helmet sceptic merchandise… which you’re… um… probably not… have a looksie here. It’s all cost price meaning I don’t make money off of it.

On the same token I was pleased to have discovered, thanks to a link from a reader. It is quite US oriented but quite brilliant for it's common sense. Educating people to ride properly is the key to bicycle safety. Whether on the 'every man for himself' roads of America or the separated bicycle infrastructure in Copenhagen.

I particularly enjoyed the page on bicycle helmets. No surprise there, really.

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