The Life-Sized City Blog: San Francisco Bicycle Plans

Thanks to a reader, Tina, for this little update from San Francisco.


Indeed. What I always find counter-productive is the usage of the word "cyclists". As though it's a group completely separated from the rest of society, instead of just being citizens who merely choose a different transport form.It should read the City's - any city's - willingness to increase quality of life, lower emission levels, noise pollution and further develop liveable urban areas. Or a city's willingness to reduce wear and tear on roads, to benefit motorists, by shifting large numbers of citizens to two-wheeled transport. Or a city's willingness to work positively towards better public health by battling lifestyle illnesses and obesity.This positive message is included in the article in a statement from a bike advocate, but it will be great when this angle is the norm, not the exception.

Full article at SF Gate here.

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