- Bicycle Culture by Design: April 2008

The beautiful wide bike lanes of Copenhagen. On this stretch they are wider than normal to accomodate the 25,000 bikes that pass each day. At intersections the bike lanes are painted Copenhagen Blue for visibility. Segregrated bike infrastructure is the foundation of any sustainable bike culture. Over the past 40 years, since Copenhagen started developing our modern bike culture, nobody, anywhere, has managed to think up any feasible alternative for creating a safe bike culture for the masses.

Dozens and dozens of European cities know it and 100 million Europeans ride each day on such infrastructure. Paris knows it and is rocking the bike culture world as we speak. Portland, Oregon - city of visionaries - knows it. New York City is learning it thanks to Jan Gehl. If you build it, they will come.

Sure, there are wacky theories out there about how bikes should be regarded in traffic, but then again there are people who actually buy the idea of Intelligent Design just as there are still members of the Flat Earth Society. Unfortunately for all the above, science and statistics don't back their claims. The are and remain, quirky 'roll-your-eyes' addendums to everyday life.

The arrows on the ground indicate which lane you want if you are heading straight on or turning right. Segregrated from the motorised traffic by kerbs. High heels and skirts, optional.

Bring on the bike culture. Copenhagenize the planet.

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