LEGO Bicycle Culture

You'd expect LEGO, being Danish, to have featured the bicycle amongst their products. There are no bicycles in my boy's 10 kg pile of LEGO - a potpourri of Lego spanning 35 years and including the new stuff, my childhood lego and my little brothers, too - but I've seen them before. So a little googling brought me to this nerdy website listing sets that include LEGO bicycles. I slapped a number of the photos into the graphic above and included a couple of images I found on the internet.My favourite is at bottom left. A petrol station shop. A cyclist pedals calmly away carrying an ice cream in one hand and fresh flowers in her panniers. She is glancing over at a motorist who can't control his vehicle and who, it appears, forgot his change. I like the contrast. Above there is Café Corner, with a bike parked out front, of course.Two of the shots feature merchandising for the German Team Telekom from back in 2000. The Tour de France is [has been] such a major cultural event in Europe for so long and Germany is one of LEGO's biggest markets so no surprise about this merchandising marriage.At the bottom right are a collection of Community Workers featuring three bikes, including a cop and a fireman on bikes as well as two mechanics.

I've probably posted this before, but if you go to the Danish Legoland, you'll see Copenhagen Cycle Chic in brick form.

And you'll see LEGO's hommage to me. :-)

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