Updated 26.10.2023

24 November 2008

Promoting Cycling in Brasil

Thanks to Joao in Brasil for sending us these two films that promote cycling. the first one, above, is an advert for an insurance company. Heaps of Cycle Chic and gorgeous scenery. My man Joao emailed me a rundown of the dialogue:

You can turn, turn, turn, (as in strolling around) but you will never find a place like to Rio. On one side we have the ocean. On the other, the forest. Take a look at this landscape, there's nothing like it anywhere. No one spends so much time outside as people from Rio. No one pratices so much sport.

This is Rio's mood. With that in mind, SulAmerica Auto Insurance is paying for new parking facilities along Rio's bikepaths. As well as maintaining the existing ones. Rio has the biggest cycling network in Brazil - 140 km. Everyday 300.000 people pass through here. The more people cycling, the better for Rio, for health and even traffic. Who would expect an Auto Insurance Company telling you to bike more often.

SulAmerica Auto Insurance. The best Auto Insurance, promoting the best alternative to cars.

This film is an advert by a state-run programme to encourage the donations of bicycles to needy children. Beautiful animation and a great message.

With a bicycle, a child goes far. Donate a bicycle and help a child to get to school.

A big Copenhagenize nod to both films for promoting cycling postively.