- Bicycle Culture by Design: Surfing the Green Wave in Copenhagen

I've written about the Green Wave but I've never actually tried it. So yesterday I rode a long section of it and filmed from my bike. I didn't go all the way to the city centre, choosing instead to stop and film the morning bicycle rush hour.You can see that for long stretches the number of cars is minimal. This was bumper to bumper traffic only a couple of weeks ago. You will also see the amazing flow of cyclists in the morning light. When starting the ride it was about 08:15. When I stopped and filmed, the flow increased. 08:30-09:00 seems to be peak hours, although the flow never really stops.Thank you, Mayor Bondam.

The music is Danish. The first track is a group called Ibens. The song is "Jeg savner min blå cykel" or I miss my blue, blue bicycle. An ode to the bicycle of childhood/youth. The second track is Tue West with "Sæt dig bag på min cykel" or Get up on the back of my bike... and enjoy it.

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