The Life-Sized City Blog: Thanks for the Ride, Mr Hibell

On occasion we're hopelessly out of the loop. Legendary long-distance cyclist Ian Hibell died on 23 August 23, 2008, hit by a car in Greece. I read his book back in the 1980's - Into the Remote Places - and have always been amazed at his love of riding his bike - from the Arctic Ocean to Cape Horn, from Nordkap to Cape of Good Hope, from Bangkok to Vladivostok. And so on.

I learned of his death by motorised traffic in The Economist and their obituary is moving.

... he described his bike as a companion, a crutch and a friend. Setting off in the morning light with “the quiet hum of the wheels, the creak of strap against load, the clink of something in the pannier”, was “delicious”.

...on a good smooth downhill run, the wind in his face, the landscape pelting past, he felt “oneness with everything”, like “a god almost”.

He should have been a guest blogger over at Copenhagen Cycle Chic. I hope that wherever he is he has a good, smooth downhill run.

Thanks for the ride, Mr Hibell

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