The Life-Sized City Blog: Promoting Cycling - Chicago and Philadelphia

A reader from Chicago, Brian, was kind enough to send us this photo of a flyer and a tube repair kit he recieved while on his bike.But don’t listen to me, listen to Brian:


I saw your article about the blond bike taxi ambassadors and thought I would share this.I live in Chicago, which is considered one of the more bike friendly of American cities. Most major streets have bike lanes, and the city's mayor is an avid cyclist. We've also seen a HUGE increase in cycle commuters as the price of petrol has risen. On my commute to work this morning, there were Chicago Bike Ambassadors in red shirts at major intersections handing out free tire patch kits and small headlamps to commuters, with attached copies of Chicago's cycling laws. I thought this was a great way to make the laws of the road known to bicyclists without heavy handed legislation or police handing out tickets.

Cheers, Brian

"Fistly, thanks for sending it in, Brian. It's this kind of global networking that is so valuable.

It is a great initiative and definately a great example of how to promote cycling and getting people to adjust their behaviour without finger-wagging. It reminded me of our vice-mayor Klaus Bondam handing out morning rolls [of bread] here in Copenhagen.

Then we have this from Lynn in Philadelphia. A great example of how the media likes to create mountains out of molehills. Take it away, Lynn:Hey, I could walk out and find two or three whiners who hate cyclists, even here in Copenhagen and splash them all over the front pages and create a wave of hysteria. Even though reality says something quite different. Thanks, Lynn, for the comparison.

Promoting Copenhagen

Doesn't hurt us any when the husband of the NYC Commissioner for Transport wears a I BIKE CPH t-shirt... :-)

Life's Great Ironies

This is your first glimpse of Denmark when arriving by road from Germany. So silly it's funny. Thanks for the photo!

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