The Life-Sized City Blog: How to Promote Cycling Without Fearmongering

Now THIS is how to promote cycling. No fear mongering from helmet advocates, just pure joy. Showing the facts about the health benefits of cycling without mentioning them. Absolutely brilliant advert from Hungary.Her bag reads, "Bike to Work." The dialogue goes like this:Lady: Would you like some tea?Man: Yes, that would be lovely, thanks.

Telltale noises from the other side of the wall.

Lady [muttering under her breath]: You should rather be biking, too, Rezso.The tagline at the end is "You should rather be biking, too..."With the Olympics in full swing I thought I'd post this little screen grab:

We fancy our rowing in Denmark - mostly because we usually win medals - and watching the rowing I was fascinated by the long line of bicycles on shore, following the boats. So aesthetic - human powered boats dancing with human-powered bicycles.

Here's a little addendum to a previous post about our Electric Boogie elderly/disabled citizens, happily humming about the city. Where's his helmet???!!! Shocking, I know.

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