- Bicycle Culture by Design: Elderly Mobility

While we have many elderly cyclists in Copenhagen, there are those who find themselves less mobile than they’d like - including some who are not yet elderly - but they are still happily mobile in the streets of Copenhagen.

These electric wonders come in a vast variety of designs and they are allowed to use the existing bike lane infrastructure. Or on stretches without, they zip their way through the traffic like other vehicles, like the photo at the top.

I love these electric mobility vehicles. Having our elderly and less-mobile citizens out in the city together with the rest of us is a plus for society and for them.

I've posted this photo before, but man... it is so cool, that electric car.In completely unrelated news, allow me to post this tidbit from our local neighbourhood newspaper.

"Two alert cyclists were the direct reason that Olsen Furs on Gammel Kongevej got the furs back that were stolen on Wednesday afternoon.Shortly before 16:00 a man and a woman came into the shop and the woman succeeded in distracting the shopkeeper so much that the man could sneak out of the shop with two furs worth 10,000 kroner each.

Just then two cyclists came past and saw the man leaving the shop with the furs and they chased him. He ended up ditching the furs and running off."

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