- Bicycle Culture by Design: Time Lapse Bike Ride New Zealand Style

We've started something cool here...Here's another cool time lapse commute film, this time from New Zealand. From North Beach to the Central Business District in Christchurch, as sent in by Malcolm. Here's what he wrote: "Hi Mr Liciousness,I was in the middle of making my own time lapse movie when I saw your

recent post of something similar in London, and in retrospect your own
from Copenhagen

So if you ever do another timelapse feature, here's something from downunder, in this case Christchurch, New Zealand. The absence of a timelapse function on my camera meant I had to record this in real time over4 days and then speed it up and splice it together.Despite the flat terrain here in Christchurch, and the popularity ofmountain biking, road racing and triathlon, the cycle commuter is anendangered species. All of the fleeting glimpses of cyclists in thevideo above (except for 1) are school children.Hopefully some progressive thinking by the council might help to improve

the restrictions, they invited the mighty Jan Gehl to share some of his thoughts recently, so maybe all is not lost ...

Keep up the good work, your blogs keep me dreaming of what we could havehere in our humble city.


Cheers, Malcolm! Thanks for sending us the video!

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