Go Spokane Go!

I have a strange soft spot for the little-known city of Spokane, Washington, USA. Years ago, living in Calgary, all of the American channels were fed out of Spokane, since that was the closest American city. So when I got this email from Dee today, I was well chuffed that the city has plans for bettering the environment. But even better, they interview a woman who rides her bike to work everyday.Barb Chamberlain. Role model. Here's an excerpt from the Spokesman Review newspaper. A link to the whole article follows.

"Cycling to work isn’t as hard as it sounds, Chamberlain said. It takes her 10 minutes to get to work on her bike, about the same amount of time it takes her to drive. She cycles in her work clothes and keeps a container of baby wipes in her office to freshen up.

“You don’t have to wear Spandex,” Chamberlain said. “I do carry a much smaller purse, though, because it has to fit into my bike bag.”

Sounds like Copenhagen Cycle Chic is spreading... :-)

Here's a link to the article about Barb and the city's intitatives.

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