The Life-Sized City Blog: The Democratic Bicycle

Classic political protest - Copenhagen Style. Marie and I were on a bench by a canal when a massive demonstration rolled past. Nurses and care workers are striking for more pay these days and, in Copenhagen, if you want to get noticed, a bicycle is involved.I filmed this little fragment of the rolling demonstration. It was several kilometres long and the mood was festive. Their fingers must be sore today, since they keep ringing their bells. And their voices are probably hoarse because they were singing and chanting, too.The strike has maintained popular support throughout the first 10 days or so. You can hear cars honking their support and even trying to honk in tact to the chanting.

Another fine example of a Copenhagen demonstration last year in which the bike plays an important role. In this case, a cool Pedersen.

19 Copenhagen Minutes - 52 Photos of Bikes in 19 Minutes

On another note, I took a series of photos yesterday called 19 Copenhagen Minutes. I recalled a website where a tourist took 82 photos of Amsterdam bikes in 73 minutes so while sitting on a bench with a friend yesterday, I thought I'd see what I could come up with.

In order to see the whole set in all it's glory, you can see it on this Flickr Slideshow - it opens in a new window.

I also have a more funkalicious flash version of the set here.

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