- Bicycle Culture by Design: The Danish Take on Fixies

Couldn't resist this one.

Here's the lowdown on fixed gear bikes from the Danish version of the bespoke Arena Magazine - The World's Smartest Mens Magazine. It amuses me. It's on their "Hit or Miss" column. It's a piss take on a conversation at a bike shop. Here's the translation:

"Arena Rejects"Fixed bikes in the city."So you need a bike to ride through town everyday - between cars, busses and drunk pedestrians? Well, then you'll be wanting one of these cool fixies we have over here. They don't have any gears, no coaster pedals, and they can't brake. Perfect for a congested big city. Cash or credit card?"I think it's fine if people want to ride fixies. As long as they have front and rear brakes, front and rear reflectors, two side reflectors on each wheel and a bell - just like any other bike in a civilised bike culture.

The most important factor in the normalisation of urban cycling is raising the bicycle to become an equal in the traffic, as we have done in Copenhagen. If we started allowing bare minimum fixies, then we'd have to allow cars without fenders, seat belts or lights. That would get us nowhere.

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