The Life-Sized City Blog: Potato Sales Give Dry Bikes

It's a headline almost as unlikely as our Salmon Sperm and Bike Lights post. In the little town of Tistrup students were tired of parking their bikes under open skies when it rained so they allied themselves with a local farmer, Arne Hansen, to solve the problem in a unique way.They sell Mr Hansen's potatoes to the citizens of the town and take a cut of the profit. The student council arranges the initiative and students from fifth and sixth year go around town with pamphlets offering 15 kg of potatoes for 50 kroner [€6.50 / $10].

Buyers get the potatoes delivered to the door, by bike of course, and the project is such a success that the students are investing in a covered bike rack so that they can ride home from school without a wet bum.

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