The Life-Sized City Blog: Salmon Sperm & Bicycles - Together at Last

If you’re lucky, you, too, can ride around safely after dark thanks to millions of salmon sperm.Recent research has shown that a thin layer of DNA from salmon sperm has such fine optical qualities that it increases the strength and effectiveness of light diodes by holding onto the electrons longer than synthetic materials.It’s a chappie named Andrew Steckl, one of the world’s leading light diode experts and professor of light learning at Cincinnati University who has figured it all out. Namely that thin layers of our hereditary material was better at blocking electrons than conventional materials like silicium.

"DNA contains certain optical, magnetic and structural qualities that make it unique. It makes it possible to improve the effectiveness, the strength of the light and the clarity...", Steckl said in a press release from the university. Okay, via a Danish article from which we shamlessly translated this whole piece... but anyway...

The two light diodes on top show conventional materials holding onto electrons. The two bottom ones show the qualities of salmon sperm.

From Pink to Green

After his shout of Eureka!, Prof. Steckl was left with a problem. The DNA is difficult to copy. He had hoped to push the development of light diodes in a greener direction by using a material that is widespread, easily accessible and doesn't require energy to retrieve it from nature. It was also a wish that this material didn't belong to any particular company or country.

"The fishing industry regards salmon sperm as a waste product. They throw it away by the tonne, but it is natural and perfectly biodegradable", said the good professor.

While the tests with salmon sperm were positive, Steckl notes that other biological materials may be just as good.The future is bright and filled with sperm. The ironic thing is that his research is sponsored by the US Air Force. Nice to see that they are involved in something positive for a change.One thing is for sure... we here at Copenhagen Bike Culture Blog are going to call our brokers and add Norwegian salmon farms to our stock portfolio. Tout suite and post haste.

If Treehugger doesn't pick up this piece and give it legs, then we're going to leave the lights on in the bathroom all night tonight in protest. :-)

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