- Bicycle Culture by Design: Traffic Kills 10 Times More People Than Traffic Accidents

In Denmark almost 4000 people die each year from pollution from cars. That number is ten times higher than those who are killed IN the traffic. According to a recent study, breathing the pollution from the automotive traffic is more dangerous than merely being the traffic. 3400 people die each year from illnesses directly related to the particles released from the exhaust of cars. On top of that there are 200-500 people who die prematurely from heart disease and high blood pressure caused by the noise generated by traffic. Research done by the Danish Regions has produced these figures. A member of the organisation, politician Carl Holst, is quoted as saying: "...the government's Infrastructure Commission should fight more for reducing the catastrophic consequences of cars pollution." Generally the study is yet another strong argument for increasing the collective traffic and bicycle traffic, which should play a greater role in the future, especially in the cities. Professor Steffen Loft from the Institute for Public Health at Copenhagen University shares the concern. »It's simple logic that every time we move a motorist off the roads and onto a bike, a bus or a train we reduce the level of dangerous particles in the exhaust."

It has long been known that motorist INSIDE their cars inhale more dangerous fumes than cyclists and pedestrians. Now this study will hopefully place more emphasis on encouraging more cycling and public transport usage.

There is already a law in most Danish cities the states motorists must turn off their engines when parked or idle. A good start.

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