The Life-Sized City Blog: Praise and Mutual Respect

We’ve been pretty good about avoiding blatant, shameless self-promotion so far. But we felt the need to include this email and the photo that was attached to it. It’s from Stephan, from the Dutch Bike Co. in Seattle. About as far from Copenhagen as you can get, and yet we share common passions and goals. Oh, and the climate is basically the same, too. “Thanks so much for your great writing and photos. I really enjoy your weblog, it is an inspiration to many of us working to change the transportation psychology here in Seattle.

Attached is a shot of my friends (and partners in the Dutch Bike Co. Seattle) David and Julie Schmidt riding through the historic Ballard district of Seattle. I also ride a Bakfiets (one of our shop bikes) which I now enjoy riding more than any other vehicle, two-wheeled or four, motorized or not.

I believe our success in Seattle will result from illuminating, celebrating and reintroducing people the joy and beauty of cycling. Your work accomplishes that and inspires us to do so too. It's us who should say thank you, Stephan! We're so pleased that you dig our blogs. We're just two guys who ride to work each day and take photos of the things we see around us. So knowing that it has some sort of effect is brilliant.With all that said, we feel a bit odd about posting a photo of a Dutch bike here on this Danish bike blog, but we'll get over it. And we plan on lobbying Stephan and his partners to change the name of their company to the Danish Bike Co. and to start importing Danish bikes to Seattle. We'll keep you posted on our progress... :-)

If you have the time do give them a mouseclick and check out the Dutch Bike Co.'s website here.

And blog here.

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