The Life-Sized City Blog: Guest Photo: Vintage Schwinn

We love getting emails. This one popped into our inbox a couple of days ago. We’ll let Alfred explain:


From my reading Copenhagen Cycle Chic every day I have gotten the idea that the bicycle itself may be interesting to you, perhaps not as much as the riders, but nonetheless still an interest. If that be the case I invite you to check out a few photos of a very bright Schwinn 1977 ladies bike which I recently found and posted to a Schwinn Forum.

I am a retired man in Iowa, USA and have a hobby of finding old bikes (I usually prefer 3-speeds with the Sturmey Archer hubs although I do grab the occasional derailler bike) in the charity resale shops. I clean and refurbish the bikes and once in awhile offer one for sale. Otherwise I ride one or two every day. Kinda fun being out on 25-40 year old bikes. Anyway, this old pink Schwinn was just too unique for me to pass up.


What a wonderful set of photos, Alfred. Thanks for thinking of us. We do like the bikes, too, don't worry. And it is great to gain insight into foreign bikes like the Schwinn you lovingly restored above. Thanks again!

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