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Let it be said. We like Velorbis.

They say it best themselves: "We put our heart and soul into all of our bicycles - every component or design feature has been well considered for its functionality, compatibility and overall aesthetic."

What tickles us the most is that the company is new on the bespoke market. VELORBIS was born from the hunt for a desirable bicycle on which to cycle around London as analternative to public transport after the London bombings in 2005.The company immediately embraced the classic, timeless form, as well as adding spice with cheeky modern versions. Above is a fine example of classicism - a "sit up and beg" model called the Victoria Classic.Although based in the mother of all cycle countries, Denmark, Velorbis opts for names like Victoria and Churchill to back up their bespoke ambitions. They have recently opened an exclusive concept store in Copenhagen and their export market is growing exponentially.It's a tough market to elbow your way into, what with the variety of brands battling for dominance in the resurgent bike market. But Velorbis don't appear to be worried.

With Americans currently discovering something we have known for decades in Denmark - the cargo bike - Velorbis have secured the distribution rights to relaunch the grand daddy of them all - The Long John.

Denmark is the spiritual home of all cargo bikes, of course, and the Long John is the patriarch. My dad rode one back in the mid-forties as a delivery boy in Copenhagen, fetching fruit and veg for the grocer's in which he worked.

The production of the Long John was fading away but Velorbis have dusted off the historyand added a twist or two to relaunch the brand. A stroke of genius, if you ask us. After a spot of lazy research we found this cool site about the history of the Long John.

Let's not forget their other stroke of genius, though. The Short John Delivery Bike. Another classic model born again for the discerning masses.

With an eye on the classics, Velorbis simultanously cast themselves into funk with their Scrap Deluxe. "Blondes have more fun" is the slogan, due to the very cool "Fat Frank" Schwalbe tyres.All in all we love the fact that the bike market has a new, cheeky player with a sense of design and quality. We're itching to get our fingers on their new limited-edition bicycle, hand-built by renowned German frame builder Uwe Marshall.The bicycle features a hand-polished stainless steel frame and fork, fully chromed components and a hand-sewn leather coat guard made by an authentic saddle maker/tanner, which is the first of its kind in the world. Only 12 of these beautiful bicycles will be custom built to order per year.

Check them out. We have and we will again.

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