- Bicycle Culture by Design: Norwegian Share the Road Campaign Films

"70% of cyclists have experienced aggressive behaviour from motorists. We tested the same behaviour in a supermarket."
Text at end: "Cyclists and motorists have equal rights on the road"

First, a huge disclaimer. These ads were commissioned by the Norwegian Road Directorate - Statens Vegvesen. An organisation so jurassic in their transport mentality that they have to serve lunch outside every day because it will fossilise the moment it enters the building. An organisation that, despite their proximity to Denmark and Sweden, refuse to accept curb-separated cycle tracks in their "design" guide for bicycle infrastructure. An organisation that is so rooted in a last century ideology about traffic that the Transport Ministry in previous Norwegian government got so tired of hearing the same car-centric rhetoric that they commissioned a report about increasing cycling from other companies. When the government is tired of listening you, you know you have issues. An organisation with an employee who responds to a question at a conference earlier this year about why cycle tracks like in Denmark and the Netherlands aren't standard design by saying, "We can't just import all sorts of foreign ideas..." An organisation in one of the only countries in Europe with a falling cycling level, that has failed to - or refuses to - see that "sharing the road" is not something that actually gets people onto bicycles.

Also, Most campaigns from them are about sport/recreation cyclists, not people riding to work or school in a city. Grain of salt, please. So. Baseline. Welcome to it. With all THAT said, they hire a proper communications firm to communicate for them, which is good. They have obscene amounts of oil money, so nice that they use some of it on professional communication. Let's forget for a moment that they are dinosaurs, because you'll probably get a kick out of these four films. In the
Text at beginning: "Many motorists think that have exclusive rights to the road. We tested the same behaviour in an elevator"
(He says to her: "Next time you need to take the stairs")
Text at end: "Cyclists and motorists have equal rights on the road"
"27% of motorists have experienced that cyclists have actively blocked their way" (This is obviously sporty cyclists out doing exercise, not you and me riding to work)
"20% of cyclists have been forced off the road by motorists"

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