The Life-Sized City Blog: Traffic Mythbusting in Copenhagen

Loads of fun infographics hitting the internet up to the municipal elections in Copenhagen and the rest of Denmark on Tuesday. In this one from the Copenhagen Traffic Mythbusters Facebook group, Lord Mayor Frank Jensen gets another slap. “Frank Jensen talks a lot about alternative transport, but he votes for a harbour tunnel and more parking for people from the suburbs.” The large graph: This is how the citizens of Copenhagen get to work or place of education in the city. Car: 14% Other: 86% (Cycling, bus/train, walking) The small graph at top right: Trips to places of work or education located in Copenhagen Municipality. Car: 25% (Includes all trips, including those starting in another municipality) The small graph at bottom right: All trips that start or end in Copenhagen. Car: 33% (Again, all trips, including those starting - or ending - in another municipality. Tagline: Respect for Copenhagen is a traffic policy for the large majority. (“Respect for Copenhagen” is Frank Jensen’s campaign slogan)

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