Updated 26.10.2023

13 February 2013

Motorists Dismount

Motorists Dismount

Buttons that pedestrians or cyclists are forced to push in order for a computer program - programmed by a car-centric engineer - to grant them authorisation to cross a street in their city have to be among the most archaeic remnants of a century of city planning that caters only to the automobile.

And that was a long sentence. Sorry.

I wish for their immediate demise. The only thing goofier is the pedestrian flags in some American cities. Talk about ignoring the bull. Not to mention engineering instead of designing our cities.

One of the things I like most about cycling in Copenhagen is that I don't have to push any of these buttons. There have been a few but they tend to get removed and thank goodness for that.

Here's one from the archives:

The Power is Mine

(Although now I'll have to check if it's still there...) Still, they are a rarity here and I've only seen them at t-intersections.

So why not signage like the graphic up top? If we're going to level the playing field - which we should - after this centuria horribilis. Let this sign be posted in densely-populated urban centres, near schools and kindergartens and basically anywhere we're keen to reestablish liveable cities.

More wacky buttons from around the world:

Ljubljana Bicycle Life_5
DC Overcomplication
Sao Paulo Streets 052

Ljubljana, Slovenia & Washington DC & Sao Paulo


Pedestrian Crossing Button
Halifax Ignoring the Bull

Berlin & Halifax, Canada


Ottawa Application Form
Lean on your city. #cyclechic #amsterdam #bike

Ottawa & Amsterdam