- Bicycle Culture by Design: World's Youngest Urbanist Again

Lulu-Sophia, who I called the World’s Youngest Urbanist last year and who features in my recent TED x talk from Zurich constantly fires off simple and logical observations from the urban theatre. Yesterday we were out shopping on our cargo bike and we spotted these two red peppers that had presumably fallen off a bicycle. We chatted about them and then off we went. Lulu-Sophia was quiet for a moment and then said: “Daddy, I bet they’ll get run over and squished.” “I’m sure they will.” “I think it’ll be a car that runs them over.” “Why?” “Because cars can’t see them. Cyclists can see them but the people in cars can’t.” Ah, yes. Indeed. The interaction with the urban landscape is heightened on a bicycle or on foot. And motorists can’t see shit. Lulu-Sophia’s observations are always out of the blue, simple and poignant. Wonderful to see how she notices what goes on around her. Not long ago we turned off the cycle track parallel to the street onto a bicycle path through a housing development.

"Ooh! NOW it's quiet all of a sudden!"

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