- Bicycle Culture by Design: Stockholm's Congestion Charge Success

Our good friend Ole pointed us to this brilliant TED x talk about the success of the congestion ring in Stockholm. If you can handle staring at a bow tie for 15 minutes (I struggled) this is a must see. "Jonas Eliasson studies how small charges on crowded bridges effect traffic, what makes a person opt to bike to work and how far people choose to live from public transportation. The Director of the Centre for Transport Studies at Sweden’s Royal Institute of Technology (KTH), Eliasson helped design, plan and evaluate Stockholm’s congestion tax, which was piloted in 2006 and made permanent in 2007. Eliasson is frequently brought on by other cities that are considering similar fees for rush hour use of crowded roads. Eliasson has modeled and appraised several major infrastructure investments in Sweden, and chairs the committee for transport modeling of the country’s National Transport Investment Plan."

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