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Our Kickstand Sessions are heading back to North America next week. These masterclasses for planners, engineers and other professionals will provide insight into bicycle policy and planning from both a Dutch and Danish perspective - geared towards local solutions.

The Kickstand Sessions are a collaboration with Copenhagenize Consulting and Mobycon, from the Netherlands.

We're hoping to get some help from our readers and friends of readers regarding specific cities. In each Session in a city we focus on specific areas of the city in our work in the masterclasses. We use maps of the whole city but we zoom in to local areas for more detailed focus. While we know the general layout and situation in each city we work with, we would love to hear from those of you in the specific cities regarding what local areas we should focus on. We'd love to hear your feedback about the following cities. Many more cities across North America will follow in the new year, but these cities are scheduled for Sessions this autumn and early next year. Here's what we'd like to hear about... - Residential areas with schools. - Shopping districts. - Parts of the city centre. We'll be working with maps that are 1:2500 for the bigger picture and maps that are 1:500 for the specific areas so, for the latter, we obviously can't have a massive chuck of the city. Otherwise we'd need a football field to lay out the maps. Here are the cities we need some help from you with:

Ottawa, Ontario Waterloo or Kitchener, Ontario Winnipeg, Manitoba Victoria, BC

San Francisco, California

Please add your ideas in the comments or, even better, in the Kickstand Sessions Facebook group where we all can discuss and, if necessary, ask questions more easily.

Thanks in advance for your help!

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