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Gary Armstrong, Outspoken Delivery
We blogged a a while back about the CycleLogistics Project that Copenhagenize is a partner. One year down the road, the project is sweeping across Europe like a freight truck. A three-wheeled human-powered freight truck.

The last meeting in Cambridge, UK, held a little something extra than the typical progress reports and partner updates. The foundation of the European Cycle Logistics Federation (ECLF). Furthering the project's goals for reshaping urban logistics and promoting cargo bike based deliveries, the idea was born due to the lack of comprehensive information available for companies wanting to do just that.

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The innovative and inspirational guys at Outspoken Delivery formulated the idea and have built it up to a European-wide organisation for urban businesses interested in lowering their overhead and increasing efficiency when delivering goods or services. Once a start-up themselves, and now with over 15 years of delivery-by-bike experience, they are able to provide excellent advice to help those companies get up and running.

Rob King, Outspoken Delivery with Cambridge MP, Julian Huppert
“As a group we will be able to influence and convince stakeholders that freight bikes are a feasible option for delivering cargo in congested inner city areas. More cargo bikes delivering goods means less trucks in city centres and safer, liveable streets for people,” says Rob King, founder of the Cambridge based cycle delivery company Outspoken Delivery.

When it comes to delivery, 50% of light goods and 25% of all goods could be moved by bike.

One of the project goals is to have 350-400 new cargo bikes in operation for delivery-related services. The ECLF empowers that by providing a community and a platform to share experiences and advice with one another. So far, over 30 businesses are members. Though unanticipated, the Cycle Logistics Federation could just be what makes moving goods by cargo bike not just a project goal, but a movement across Europe.

Read the full press release at the European Cyclists Federation. The CycleLogistics Project is supported by the European Union and funded by Intelligent Energy Europe.

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