- Bicycle Culture by Design: Getting Carried Away

Been busy lately. Running behind with articles but doing lots of great projects with Copenhagenize Consulting. I figured I’d post some of the photos I’ve taken recently. Citizen Cyclists carrying stuff around is the theme.

Shoes and a suitcase.

Suitcase and a group of friends on a stag night by bicycle. Two cargo bikes filled with beer.

New frame heading home.

Kids' bicycles in transit. That's me and Lulu-Sophia on the right, taking her new (used) bike home.

Transporting a guitar by trailier in Copenhagen and a trailer by trailer in Strasbourg.

The City of Zagreb has a respectable fleet of cargo bikes for cleaning the streets. As well as for bakery deliveries.

Cool wooden crate in Copenhagen. Cool Danish Ambassador to Croatia, and his wife, on a Christiania Bike in Zagreb.

Muffins on the move.

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