- Bicycle Culture by Design: Bike Rides Here and There

If I ever had to do a "bike ride" it would probably be something like this Vélo Vintage event in Anjou, France.
Although something weird is happening in Denmark, too. A bunch of people are going for a "bike ride". Normally something reserved for Emerging Bicycle Cultures, Danes are encouraged to ride a bicycle for the hell of it, and not just drop off kids at kindergarten, do the shopping or hit the town on a Friday night. Okay, not really for the hell of it...

The guy in the film - speaking Danish - is a celebrity tv and radio host and he's selling "Denmark's Largest Bicycle Caravan" in the spring, an initiative of a large Danish charity - ActionAid Denmark. The Tour de Future will set out from the top of Denmark - Skagen - and head to the parliament in Copenhagen. The goal is that Denmark must "take the lead for a green and sustainable future" at the Rio +20 Summit this summer.

Sounds impressive. Hopefully I can combine the ride when it comes through my neighbourhood with picking up the kids or something. :-)

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