- Bicycle Culture by Design: GPS Bicycle Tracker

Many Copenhageners get kind of irritated when their cargo bikes - or even regular bikes - get nicked. There is especially a big problem with stolen cargo bikes in Copenhagen because they are expensive and the price for used cargo bikes remains high due to the decent level of quality on most Danish brands. Even a ten year old Christiania bike can set you back 1500-2000 dollars.

There is a lot of talk about GPS tracking solutions and I know a number of friends who have invested in GPS solutions in order to Brian, from the Danish website, and we're pleased to be able to test out the Cykeltracker. After getting two Bullitt cargo bikes stolen, I'm keen to have some sort of security. There's another model that fits into a rear reflector but this one, above, is a bit more clever. Providing that your handlebar tube is the right style and size, the tracker gear slides into the tube and looks like it's a part of the bicycle. You insert a SIM card and, via a text message, tell the tracker when you want it to start monitoring your bike. If the bike moves, you're sent a text message and you can then track its movements on a website while you gather a posse of friends and prepare to go after it.

The product is called Spybike for the English market and here are a couple of films showing how it works. I'm looking forward to protecting my Copenhagen SUV. It's such a pain in the ass when your cargo bike gets stolen. Completely messes with the practical errands in everyday life.

Danes can order it at A new model is coming soon, which should be even cooler. I'll keep you posted.

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