The Life-Sized City Blog: Car Addiction is an Understated Problem and other films

It's be three and half years since I first blogged this video, made by students at the Dutch Film and TV Academy. I'm surprised it only has 5424 views on YouTube. It deserves so much more. The dialogue goes like this:

Motorist is shown an ink blot.

Doctor: What do you see? Motorist: Car. Doctor: (Voiceover): The first phase is denial. Motorist: Car.

Motorist watches bicycle films.

Doctor: (Voiceover) You have to present the addict with the cure for the problem.

Motorist gets onto stationary bicycle.

Doctor: (Voiceover) Then they have to take their own initiative.

Motorist outside on bicycle.

Doctor: (Voiceover) When they can do it on their own, we'll let them go. Car addiction (or slavery) is a underestimated problem. We have to help these people. Doctor's last line: Yeah, somebody has to do something about traffic jams. Then there's this one. Italian asks how the guy got there today and replies, "Bicycle". Italian men laugh. Italian men get into car and explode. Tagline: Cyclists live longer. Dialogue: Voice from PA system: "Attention to the owner of the blue Saab 900, license plate XB22BH. You have forgotten to enable your handbrake." "Attention, the blue Saab is rolling towards the yellow Lotus." Tagline: No inconveniences? Take the bike! Tagline at the end: If siting on a bicycle is like this... we do we sit in traffic jams? Ride your bike to work. It's a good cause.

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