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Perhaps because we are snowballing towards winter we are focusing on northern climes at the moment here on the blog. We also have cargo bikes on the brain because of our work on the Cyclelogistics project.

Whatever the case, we are obsessed by finding the world's most northernly cargo bike since blogging about the Christiania Bike in Greenland and the world's most northernly bike lane. Above is a map with the three contenders so far. Although based on coordinates, this first cargo bike is in the lead:

Reykjavik, Iceland. Longjohn Cargo bike.

From Alex Shepard on Flickr.

Trondheim, Norway. Larry vs Harry 'Bullitt' cargo bike. While not as far north as Reykjavik, this may be the World's Most Northernly Bike Messenger...

Thanks to Larry vs Harry for the photo.

Nanortalik, Greenland.

Christiania Cargo Bike.


We got excited when Jan, in the comments, sent us off to to see about a man with a Longjohn in Sitka, Alaska. One glance at Alaska on the map and we were sure we had a contender. However, Sitka is on the same latitude as Denmark. Nevertheless, it's in ALASKA - with all the northern romanticism that name contains. So here it is. Know of any others that could compete for the title? Send us an email at copenhagenize [at] gmail [dot] com with "Cargo Bike North" in the subject field. Or add links to the comments.

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