- Bicycle Culture by Design: Experience the Volkswagon Beast

Sandra from the always brilliant Classic Copenhagen blog spotted this today here in Copenhagen and posted it on Twitpic. An installation commercial for the new Volkswagon Beetle. It translates as:

“Experience the wild animal - or beast, perhaps - on”.

As street ads go, I’ve seen better. And while this doesn’t exactly fit into our Car Industry Strikes Back category, the 20-something creatives who thought this up and patted each other on the back afterwards have inadvertantly given us an image of our urban future.

Isn’t this exactly what we’re working towards? How we should finally - for the first time since the 1920’s - stop ignoring the bull in society’s china shop? Restricting the bull. Caging it. Taming it. Keeping it from killing, injuring and polluting. This campaign is anti-car without even meaning to be. Hilarious.

I’m happy to experience the beast on their (really quite cool) website. As long as they stay off our streets.

And, for what it’s worth, off our cycle tracks… that wide ass flatbed is sticking out over the track.

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