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Our friend and colleague Thomas Krag presented this paper early in the millenium and we've long since thought it appropriate to translate it into English. At long last we're happy to present it here. We used some of the findings in an earlier article here on the blog - Save a Street - With Bicycles !

There is often a conflict of interest between shoppers’ wishes regarding parking and the actual plans to calm
traffic in the city, i.e. the efforts to promote bicycle traffic. In addition many retailers are of the opinion, that
cyclists are not good customers. There are a good number of studies available regarding shopping and traffic
behaviour, and attitudes towards the two, that can help bring some perspective into this discussion.

This paper will deal with:
- general trends in shop and retail development
- current knowledge of relation between transport and shopping patterns
- views and facts regarding types of customers and access to car parking
- perspectives in planning

It's also available as a pdf in English - 'Commerce and Bicycles' - as well as in the original Danish - 'Handel og Cykler'. 


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