Updated 26.10.2023

03 November 2011

Cars and Sharks

Sharks, Pools & Bikini Babes: What Can Go Wrong? - Watch more horror
What we have here is a brilliant metaphor for our Ignoring the Bull concept. It's fantastic.

Our reader, Paul, sent us the link. Deep in the forest of The Culture of Fear, the voice of rationality is a mere whimper. People go to amazing lengths to justify ignoring the problem - all manner of excuses are invented. The automobile is the shark. The pool is our cities. It's all spelled out right here, in typically corny, Hollywood fashion - which is often simple and effective.

Sure, the voice of rationality in the trailer may not be appropriate to translate directly over to a bicycle context. "Don't go in the pool..." cannot become "Don't ride your bicycle..." but apart from that, this is a fine illustration of the folly of the Culture of Fear and the effect it has on our lives.

Another good piece of satire relating to the Culture of Fear is this clip from an American sit-com: