The Life-Sized City Blog: Singapore: "We Never Used to Cycle Here" - Yeah, right

The bicycle was normal everywhere for decades. Including in Singapore.

1953. "Cyclists during the 'Safety First Week'". 

1939. "Street scene at Battery Road, Singapore, featuring pedestrians and various modes of transport at the time: motor cars, trishaws, rickshaws and bicycles".
1971. "About 200 cyclists from various schools took part in a safe cycling rally by the National Safety First Council. Six girls from Changkat Changi Secondary School were among them".

1960. "The bicycle - an important transport form in the villages".

1946. "Different modes of transport in Singapore Town".

1977. "Gang of boys pose with bicycle in Johore Road side lane". Hairdo is fantastic.

At left: 1980. "A mask maker named Buankok sold his masks and artefacts all over Singapore on his three-wheeler".  At right: 1976. "Telecoms worker cycling through the flood to send a telegram".

At left: 1946. "Young lady with a bicycle". At right: 1941: "Cyclists on an outing."

1938. "Group winners of the "Cycle Road Race"".

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