- Building Better Bicycle Cultures: Bicycles to Visit the Queen

So we got ourselves a new government in Denmark. When the government is formed, the tradition is that they pop down the palace to let the Queen know. She provides tea and biscuits. All very ceremonious. Here we see the leader of one of the coalition parties, Margrethe Vestager of the Radical Left (not very radical, not very left, but hey) arriving in style at Amalienborg Castle, followed by the other ministers from her party. Not a BMW/Audi/Mercedes in sight. Only elegant Velorbis bicycles for gentlemen and ladies alike. The bicycles are part of a large Velorbis bicycle fleet available for politicians to use for getting to and from meetings at various locations in central Copenhagen and are adorned with the logo of the Danish parliament.
And here is Manu Sareen. This is not the first time politicians have arrived by bicycle for this, but it’s the first time one of them was riding a cargo bike. In this case a splendid yellow Bullitt. Here’s an earlier post about him campaigning for election on the bike. Here they are outside the Danish parliament, on their way to the palace. We’re not sure how things will pan out with this government, but we daresay things may be looking good.

Thanks to Gregers for the link.

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