The Life-Sized City Blog: A Hub of Copenhagen Cyclists

This is ‘a hub of Copenhageners’.We coined this phrase a while back, for fun. There is a long line of interesting names for animal flocks in English like:- A leash of greyhounds- A gaggle of geese- An exaltation of larks- A shrewdness of apes- A troop of kangaroos- A parliament of owls- A siege of herons- A crash of rhinoceri

We played a game over at Cycle Chic a while back and I fancied reviving it.

What words can we come up with for bicycles and bicycle culture? Let's write the dictionary, shall we?Here's what we came up with:

Val - The King of Kargo Bikes in Seattle:

- A pallet of cargo bikes- A lounge of recumbentsI came up with:- A cove of beach cruisers- A sweat of racing bikes- A posture of upright bikes- A load of Xtra cycles- An insecurity of helmets [;-)]- An elevation of high-heeled Copenhagen fashionistas- A fold of BromptonsJason proposed these:- A tower of tall bikes- A cog of fixed gear bikes- A trick of BMXers- A basket of townies- A cubby of folding bikes- A tread of mountain bikes- A convoy of commuter cyclists- A union of unicyclesSteve proposes:- A bank of velodrome bikes.

Get thinking. Add yours to the comments.

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