- Building Better Bicycle Cultures: Bicycle Club Names 1890s

Cartoon from 1892. “The Holy Antonius’ Last and Greatest Temptation”. The Cycling Girl. Reading a brilliant book from 1947 about the dawn of bicycle culture in Copenhagen and Denmark. Chock full of goodies. Here is an incomplete list of some of the many bicycle clubs active in Copenhagen in and around 1890-1897. There were scores more than these. Loving some of the names. Trækfuglene (Migratory Birds) Dansk Bicycle Club Københavns Cycle Club (Copenhagen’s Cycle Club) Østerbros Cycle Club (Østerbro is a neighbourhood) Seniorklubben Ordinary Cycle Clubben Frederiksberg Cycle Club Aftenfrokostforeningen (Evening Lunch Association) The Old Boys Record Klubben Nordiske Afholdsforeningers Bicycle Club (Nordic Temperance Associations Bicycle Club) Københavns Kvadrille Klub (Copenhagen’s Quadrille Club) Kvindecycleklubben (The Women’s Cycle Club) Who changed their name to: Damecycleklubben (The Ladies Cycle Club) Selskabelig-Cyclist Forening (Sociable Cyclist Association) Arbejdernes Bicycle Club (The Workers’ Bicycle Club) Cyclisternes selskabelige Forening (The Cyclists’ Sociable Association) Ringens Venner (Friends of the Ring - nickname for the wheel) Dansk Cycle Ring (Danish Cycle Ring) Amateur Cycle Clubben The Old Tourists Lægernes Cycleforening (The Doctors’ Cycle Association) Typografernes Cycle-Club (The Typographers’ Cycle Club) Toldopsynets Cycleklub (The Customs Dept Cycle Club) The Old Friends Orlogsværftets Cycleklub (Naval Shipyard Cycle Club) Stjerneklubben af 31. Maj 1897 (The Star Club of May 31, 1897) Kometen (The Comet) Ordenens broderlige Cycle Klub (The Order’s Brotherly Cycle Club)

Privat Cycleclub (Private Cycle Club)

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