The Life-Sized City Blog: New Advert for Dutch Cycling Federation - Fietsersbond

You never know what they'll come up with next, but you look forward to it every time. The Dutch Cyclists Federation - Fietsersbond - is the national advocacy organisation in the Netherlands. We know them well here at Copenhagenize, we love them and we are continuously inspired by them. This is their new commerical to encourage people to join up. Like in the music video/commercial that Copenhagenize produced for the City of Copenhagen's Bicycle Office where they requested "real-life situations" from the streets and bike lanes in the city (feel free to count the traffic misdemenours in the film), the Fietsersbond have elected to funk up the show with some trick riding, some law-breaking and general, all-round, good-natured recklessness. Wonderful. We wish we had this kind of bicycle advocacy in Denmark. And everywhere.

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