The Life-Sized City Blog: Anti-Ignore the Bull App

So, if you're frustrated with society's stubborn insistence to continuely ignore the bull in society's china shop, there's an app for that.

The Village is a magazine that focuses on the city life, its infrastructure and transportations. Knowing how acute the road safety issues are in Moscow, it's small wonder that The Village, non content to regularly cover the subject, has decided to create a special application to draw even more attention to the problem. In fact, in spite of car accidents happening daily, they come unnoticed by the majority. Why? Because all their consequences and traces are quickly taken care of and cleaned. So only a few passers-by and drivers can see the deformed cars, the injured and the bodies of the dead people.

Introducing Death Revealer - an iPhone app that enables one to become instantly aware of all road traffic incidents that ever happened in the city - thanks to GPS, Google Maps and augmented reality All it takes is pointing one's iPhone to a spot on any street, side street or crossroads, and if there ever had been a car accident, the corresponding symbols and photographs will immediately appear on the very place where it happened. If one tries to use Death Revealer while traveling in a car, they will be prompted to stop and the app will switch itself off.

Get your The Death Revealer app now!

Thanks to Áron for the link.

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