The Life-Sized City Blog: Chicago Cargo

It's always lovely when someone switches to pedal power and makes some life choices. It is, however, just a little bit cooler when an American truck driver decides to ditch the semi and get into the cargo delivery business on a cargo bike in Chicago after 500,000 truck driving miles.

Brandon started Chicago Cargo and got himself a Bullitt cargo bike. As he says himself, "Logistics and pick-up/delivery is a game I know well and enjoyed as a truck driver, yet I wasn't able to do the other thing I love, riding my bike! Hopefully being the owner/operator of a cargo bicycle delivery company will provide me a healthy balance and a successful business."

Brilliant stuff. You can follow @ChicagoCargo on Twitter.

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If you're in Chicago, you can check out Bullitts at Copenhagen Cyclery and Splendid Cycles in Portland are a major Bullitt dealer, too.

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