- Building Better Bicycle Cultures: Politicians and Bicycles in Denmark

National election fever is rising in Denmark with loads of speculation about when the election will be called. Campaigning has already begun. On my way to the CycleLogistics conference a couple of days ago Kamal Qureshi from the Socialist People’s Party was at a red light near City Hall Square. When each flock of cyclists stopped for red, he walked through and handed out leaflets.

On a newspaper earlier in the week the leader of the Danish Social-Liberal Party, Margrete Vestager, was featured in an article. "Vestager Goes Home Without an Agreement". Featured on her bicycle outside the parliament.
The man on this photo isn't a politician but he's married to one - Henriette Kjær. He was sentenced to three years in jail for fraud - his actions forced his wife to resign - and the headline reads: "Sentenced to three years in jail... Here is Erik running away..."

On bicycle of course. I don't know what the story is about - and am not interested - but of course he took off on a bicycle.

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