Updated 26.10.2023

26 May 2011

Pleasing Everyone At Once

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Here's a poster promoting cycling in New York for www.bikemonthnyc.com. My friend Kelly sent it to me and I think I'll let him do all the talking:

Thought you might like this poster - if only for the socio-political landmine it tiptoes through.

We have:

- bikes prominently featured (Ride a bike message: check)
- the older gent, middle-age woman, younger woman (Target age groups: check)
- race/gender diversity (Diversity advocates: check)
- gent with his helmet (Helmet advocates: check)
- ladies not wearing helmets (anti-helmet advocates: check)
- all walking their bikes on sidewalks (ride safely advocates: check; bonus points for appeasing both helmet and anti-helmet camp at the same time)
- speed of bike transport highlighted (urban transportation advocates: check)
- outer borough (Brooklyn) featured (hipsters: check)

The only thing missing is someone actually riding a bike. But I suppose that's to be inferred.

It's for Bike Month NYC, but if you're planning on riding on June 1st and beyond, remember to sign up for Bike Century